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Is Liverpool In Trouble?

Having won only two of their last six games, Liverpool now find themselves in the middle of the league table and 7 points adrift of league leader Manchester City. With injuries plaguing their key players, this raises a question as to whether injuries and fitness are affecting the Liverpool's performance on the pitch.

Since the start of the season, Liverpool has been beset with injury problems. This has meant that some of the teams' key players have been or are still out of action. Players such as: Christian Benteke Jordan Henderson Daniel Sturridge

Returning to the side for Liverpool's match with Norwich City, striker Christian Benteke suffered a hamstring injury. This saw him being replaced at half-time by Danny Ings, who went on to score the club's only goal in the match. Liverpool has said that Christian Benteke is likely to be out for two weeks. On the other hand, it was a broken bone in his right foot obtained during training that will probably see Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson out for some time, possibly three months.

Having been away from the pitch since April because of hip surgery, Daniel Sturridge made his first appearance for Liverpool this season in the match against Norwich. He played in the game for over an hour before he was replaced.

With players out of action, this does raise questions about whether injuries and fitness issues will affect Liverpool's performance on the field and the consequent sale of Liverpool game tickets. Liverpool's recent draw at Norwich had Match of the Day pundit Mark Lawrenson commenting that while the draw was disappointing the team's performance did offer hope.

Compared with their performance against Manchester United when they sought to hold them. Their line-up against Norwich was the opposite in that it was about attacking and scoring goals. They created more opportunities in their match with Norwich compared with any of their previous league games since the start of the season. As a result of their playing so far, Liverpool's next home game against Aston Villa has become critical. If they are not to slip further down the table, it is one that they must win. They now need to be winning games if they are going to be in the top four by the end of the season. If they don't win that match, then the Merseyside derby in October will see Liverpool under real pressure.

With the results, they have had so far, injury and fitness issues in some of Liverpool's key players' means that the pressure is now on for Brendan Rogers to start getting results.


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